Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me, A Grandma?

Most of you know by now that Kelli is making me one happy old woman! She will be having a baby in April, around April 4th. From what I hear, the really, really smart people are born on April 4th! They (Kelli and Cody) are having a boy and naming him Isaac. No middle name yet. Cody's last name starts with an S, so they are ruling out all middle names that start with a "B" (no IBS!) and "R" (No IRS!) so nice of them to consider this!

I love babies, and I love my "babies" so this is going to be wonderful! Cody's Mom is really excited too and so are my parents, so this baby is going to be very loved and very spoiled! (aka:well taken care of!)

I guess I better start posting more now, because come April, I might be busy, really busy!!!


Charlotte Ann said...

You're a pitifully sad blogger. This page hasn't been updated since that gbaby arrived!
I miss hearing from you!

Special K 24/7 said...

I know!!! I just looked at it because it is on my favorites on my new phone! Maybe I will now that I can get online from my phone now! I am so busy since Isaac was born & since I started working full time. Check out my Facebook for current photos until I can get this "blog" going! Love ya !